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Reporting Timetable 2015-16
Please note that the NDTMS reporting timetable for 2015-16 is now available.

The Outcomes Exceptions reports are now available on the report viewer.

DOMES Q1 2014-15 now available
Please note that the Q1 2014-15 Diagnostic Outcomes Monitoring Executive Summary (DOMES) is now available via the Report Viewer. Trend data is also available back to April 2012 for all indicators apart from those reporting reduced drug use, housing and employment outcomes (reported via TOP), but these will be available in future releases.

The timetable for the release of reports in 14-15 Q1 has been revised and this can be accessed here. There are several revisions and these have been highlighted in the document “2014-15 Report Timetable - List View.xls”.

In essence, a programme of work to introduce the Report Viewer has been significant and this has resulted in a much more user friendly and accessible information system, enabling users to customise their enquiries. A consequence has been the delay in reports this quarter as the work to underpin the Report Viewer has been undertaken. We apologise for this but are confident that the new Report Viewer will enhance the utility of NDTMS from now on.


The Successful Completion Report (Provider) is now available via the report viewer in DAMS.

Access to the report viewer will be available on DAMS from Monday 21st July 2014. It is a new web interface where you will be able to access centrally produced NDTMS reports. At present the partnership successful completion report, which includes data up until May 2014, is the only report available on the site. Before the end of next week the provider successful completion report will also become available and over the coming months more reports will be added. All reporting outputs that were produced up until Q4 2013/14 will still be available in their usual locations.

In order to aid your understanding of all the new report viewer we have developed the following e- learning video, which we would recommend you watch:
Finally we would just like to thank you for your patience during the development of the report viewer and related products.


I am pleased to inform you that the technical issues hampering the release of the successful completion partnership report have been largely resolved and we expect to release the report by the end of this week.

The report will be available on both NDTMS.net and DAMS via our new report viewer which will also go live at the same time. Regrettably however, we have had to divert resources away from the development of the provider completion report in order to resolve the technical issues mentioned above. This has resulted in a minor delay to the provider version and we are aiming to have this ready for release early next week.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience this is causing.

The findings from the NDTMS reporting consultation, which was held late last year to agree the methodology for joining drug and alcohol journey reporting, is now available in the restricted reports area. From 2014-15 we will bring together for the first time the reporting of drug and alcohol treatment interventions, whereas previously these had been reported separately for individuals that have been in receipt of both. The changes will align the way treatment journeys are reported across alcohol and drugs and the way clients are categorised by their problem substances. The latter change results in two new groupings for some reports from 2014-15. The following documents are now available in the REPORTS > PRE-GENERATED > "NDTMS.NET REPORTING" section:

"1. New methodological changes in reporting.pdf" explains the changes in more detail and outlines what impact they will have on activity and outcomes.
"2. Introducing combined alcohol and drug treatment journeys for public consumption.pdf" provides further information on the methodological changes.
"3. Consultation feedback summary March 2014.pdf" is a summary of the consultation in full.
"4. Impact of changes in reporting methodology on completions and non re-presentations.xlsx" and
"5. Note to accompany data to indicate the impact of the change in the reporting methodology.pdf"also explain the changes in more detail and outlines what impact they will have on activity and outcomes. Finally following on from the consultation the format of the new "Activity report", which will replace the existing drug and alcohol performance reports (green and purple reports) from Q1 2014/15, has been agreed. A template of the report which includes technical notes is also available in the same area entitled
"6. Template of new Activity Report 2014-15.pdf"
"7. Note to accompany data on the impact of the change in the reporting methodology (provider figs).docx"
"8. Impact of changes - completions and representations - provider.xls"
"9. Impact of changes - some DOMES figures VI.xlsx"
The timetable along with a useful “calendar view” version are now available, please go to the REPORTS section and see TIMETABLES.

DAMS Update - The new version of DAMS (Phase III) is now live. This version provides a number of improvements to the process of validating and submitting data and more information is available in the January 2011 DAMS Update here.


A guide to the new functionality is available here. Full user guides for agency and regional users are also available on the NTA website. 


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